It was important for us to emphasize the tension, build up and scares. The gore and other factors would come out next.”

Production problems ultimately allowed Anaconda to beat the more modestly scaled King Cobra to the bite, with the added advantages of big-studio backing, a generous budget, and named actors like Jon Voight and Jennifer Lopez. “There was a delay when we fired the producer and had to put production back together with a different set of investors,” David points out by way of their independent picture’s release timing. “Anaconda suddenly cropped up in the midst of that delay. We analyzed the situation and acknowledged that there had been similarities like these in many films. We actually managed to see a rough cut of Anaconda before it was released and decided that our story and snake were quite different.”

Adapted from Thomas Crow’s article in Fangoria

King Cobra Rules
by Thomas Crow

Anaconda may have beaten them to the bite, but filmmakers David & Scott Hillenbrand insist their own serpent will make that Amazonian monster look like and earthworm.

The brothers seem confident that they’ve got a winner with King Cobra (debuting from TriMark Home Video August 10) despite their scaly horror flick’s limited means and non-exotic locations.

And it’s certainly possible that this fraternal fearlessness will prove justified. The recently encouraged a Fango reporter to take a close ( but not too close) peek at their monster reptile as it rested dormant in the Chiodo Brother’s Burbank FX workshop just as the movie showcase crawled through preliminary preview screenings.


And any visitor would be rattled by the thick neck designed to swell into a massive, wedge-shaped head equipped with fangs capable of squirting whatever fluid the crew employed to simulate the creature’s fatal venom. King Cobra

“There was no Anaconda in the pipeline when we came up with the King Cobra concept, and everyone thought we were crazy until they found out we were working on a snake movie,” Scott said. “We wanted to take a classic approach to the genre a la Jaws or Alien - put a modern spin on it, but stick with the same structure.